1955 Porsche Spyder 550 – all aluminum SHOW STOPPER!

1955 Porsche Spyder 550 – all aluminum SHOW STOPPER!

1955 Porsche Spyder 550 For Sale

This is not a fiberglass kit car! — Do not bring your “magnet” — because it is not steel either! — ALL ALUMINUM!

Car is almost ready to be driven to a concourse show near you!

Very exciting discovery for anyone interested in vintage cars, but of particular interest for those of us with passion for the Porsche marque and its history. It was recently brought to our attention that a small operation in FL., USA produces what was described and evidenced in these pictures as a perfect and exact aluminum recreation of the Porsche Spyder 550. Not only is the car in the pictures a real gem but it seems they have several cars in the works as seen in the background. This suggests that there is a continuation/production, albeit a small production of these cars. The information we received makes mention of precise dimensions and identical if not original Porsche parts throughout. Far be it for us at rareporschebroker.com to pretend to be experts in this particular model, but we know enough to say that the placement and look of many features is undeniably original. We have seen our share of knockoff spyders and not a single one has ever come close to this level of precision in so many areas. Standouts include the body shape in areas like the rear of the car, the seemingly operational oil cooler flap in the front (note pull knob in the drivers side of the cockpit), the fender arches, the fuel tank compartment, the cockpit bay (fenders, undertank, pedal perches, firewall, body to frame brackets, seat rail supports, rivets and of course the most obvious is the bulkhead that lies between the engine bay and seats). We know that over the years several attempts have been made to re-create this model and at least three of those attempts have failed (never completed). To the best of our knowledge, there are several requirements to pull this off. They include time, precise knowledge of the model, the manual ability to physically form the parts, and finally the dedication to see this monumental task through to the end. It seems this small firm has succesfully compiled all of the requirements under one roof to pull it off and we are anxious to learn more. Here is what we know courtesy of a potential customer and spy photographer who visited the firm in Tampa, FL.

Location: Tampa, FL.
Production: High rail Spyder 550, 1car/year